Twigs & Co.

Twigs & Co. represents the little branches that our children become on our family trees. At the core of our business, we focus on celebrating each unique child and taking pride as parents in the legacy that we leave behind. 

The first product line was truly inspired by my son. When his teething was in full-force, I would end up changing his shirt several times each day because the neckline would be drenched with drool. His chest would get cold from the wetness and his skin would become irritated. 

Around the house I started to use a standard bib to catch the drool, but it covered his entire outfit and rarely matched. I wanted to create something that could be worn as a functional accessory, rather than an after-thought. Even in the hot Texas summers, the bib is light weight enough to be a daily component in his outfits. 

All of our products are made proudly in the USA. 

Twigs & Co. is owned and designed by wife and mother, Audra Curlett. With a prior career in product development for menswear and women's handbags, I wanted a business where I could carry-on my passion for textiles along with my desire to support local philanthropic causes. 

Periodically throughout the year, we will be launching styles in our 'Give Back' collection, where 100% of proceeds will be given to a specific cause. If you're interested in partnering with us for a 'Give Back' bib, contact us at