About Us


I have always been a Puddleduck, well almost always. I credit my parents for the childhood nickname that has now become the inspiration behind my shop. I became “Puddleduck” shortly after my parents returned home from a trip to Annapolis, Maryland with a figurine of the beloved Beatrix Potter character Jemima Puddleduck. A few years later, on a family trip to England, I visited Beatrix Potter’s birthplace and could not leave without bringing home a stuffed animal to commemorate our trip.  Jemima Puddleduck, of course! The stuffed animal has long-since been retired, but the name has lived on even as I have grown, married, and had sweet children of my own. 

In December 2013, I married my wonderful husband, Ryan, in November 2014, we welcomed our son, Will, into our family. For nearly ten years, my husband chased his dream of playing professional baseball and we spent many, many months apart, even during my first pregnancy. As I worked to help him fulfill his dream, I began to ponder my own dreams and how we could be together as a family no matter where baseball, or life, took us in the years ahead.

It was a bold move, but in January of 2015, after nearly 9 years of working in corporate America, I quit my job in California and we set out as a family on a new adventure. As baseball season began, I was able to be home with our son and be with my husband, something neither of us had ever experienced. It was during those first few months that I came to realize MANY things and joyfully accepted the challenge of doing life with my family every day. I realized I will always have a desire to give to others, work hard, and be successful. I also came to the realization,  I love to shop (even on a much tighter budget) and now, as a new Mom, I loved to shop for amazing products for my son. So as I began outfitting my son in comfy, cute, well-made clothes, my dream of owning and operating a children’s boutique was born.

Since then, we have added to our family with the birth of our son, Hudson, in March 2017. We also added our beloved Goldendoodle, Marlee to our family in September 2016. Things surely are crazy around our home but we LOVE the chaos and we love owning a small shop.

Puddleducks has become a recognized boutique name for many. We serve family, friends and total strangers all across the United States and Canada. We constantly strive to better our shop and grow our business to cater to your every day needs. See something you LOVE? Let us know! Wish we carried a brand you don't see? We'd love to hear from you! 

Sleepless nights, endless hours and a lot of heart have gone into creating a safe, fun, and memorable experience for our customers. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and are so blessed to be able to bring to you our labor of love:


Kelsey, Ryan, Will, Hudson & Marlee